What is NoBs?


We’ve been around since 2001 when digital photography took the photographic world by storm.

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Photography promotions such as Fairy Day, Rock Star Day, Kreative Kids Klub, Babies First Year etc etc etc is the lifeblood of any longterm photography business. We believe in creating promos that matter, that work, that clients love….



Feed your mind. Everyday. Always be growing, always be expanding, always be challenged. Live and online presentations, on many, many topics, including shooting, marketing, lighting, families, weddings, babies, commercial……etcetcetc

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You need others to grow. Unless you live in a lead cave and have no desire to expand. Whether it’s shooting, feedback, masterminding, marketing, headtrash…you name it. We have the best photographic community out there. And the best role models and mentors too! No bull, no nonsencse, no egos and no primadonnas….